Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teachers Day

I made 4 calls to our

Puan Nora...she is the most happiest lecturer on earth that I had known in my entire life..not only that she is the most different strict lecturer...but the way she pushes us to change our attitude towards the subject that we are taking ..keep us awake with the most assignment papers that we need to prepare..she is definitely will be missed deeply...

Encik Norsham...the lecturer that has the confidence on the students than students themselves..he will be missed

Puan Saliza...oh god...she was so happy to receive my email, she said it has been long long time ago that she received the greeting "Happy Teachers Day" since the day she has been the lecturer, the students does not treated them, da lecturers as techears anymore...but father..has taught me.."anyone who has guided us..educated us"..thanked them and Allah for giving us the opportunity to be their students...and that ..I remembered...and of course...Puan is one of a ...god knows..let me keep this to myself...She will be missed too..

Encik Farami..yes speech tutor...he placed the crictic so subtle..yet true..
yes sir, you will definitely be missed by us too..

Happy Teachers will be missed...and we missed you very very much

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