Monday, May 12, 2008

Elaboration on the assignments

1. Persuasive speech. Write something that you are good at, something that you can persuade public, something very dear to your heart. Something that you believe in. Something that no one can change your mind. Try to persuade someone that will believe you. (easy right ...)

2. Credibility of a speaker. Can a speaker convinced you ? Why, why do you trust his words, his charisma, his intelligent, his character ? When we did our assignment speech based on the video that day ? Did any of the speech convinced you ? What is the characteristic that can convince you ....write it down...

3. This is the best...based on the experienced...we can write this part basically from our experienced, remember our first speech, we are scared, no preparation, shy, lack of time, lack of practice...write it did we encounter this problem..write it down..

4. This is better, we basically improved in our second speech..we knew the strategy, we become better..

That's about it...

C ya..

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