Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stastistik untuk Master

maka aku mahu kamu tahu 1) jangan lupa step 1 hingga lima hipotesis testing 2) hafal step satu 3) jangan lupa jalanan formula 4) jangan lupa ttab/ftab kamu 5) jangan lupa cara pengiraan dan perbandigan ftab dengan fcal (kalau lupa ini) langsung tak boleh buat yang seterusnya 6) kesimpulan hendak lah merujuk step 1 (jika aku lulus paper ini) aku kongsikan buat kamu cara aku menghafalnya..

Master in Corporate Communication

I tried to be loyal to UITM, but then UPM is better in many things, both have their strength and weaknesses. I am not going to caompare but I will have something to say on the strength. Library, with the praying on the same floor, save us a lot of time. In addition, the Sunnah Duha is easily to be done. Th praying space is bigger, the telekungs are cleaner, the oblulation area is always dry. Clean and neat. The parking space, ample parking space. The wifi connection is great. The parking space when we need to attend to our classes, more than enough. The security staff respected us, RESPECTED US!, yeah we are not criminal, they knew that too.

we grow

those days, what i hope to feel yesterday today to stay , no longer the same. seeing my friends and my juniors climbed the corporate ladder faster than a blink of an eye, slowly make me dread the day coming to work do i want a promotion, no, but yes, not the power, more on recognition do i want a raise of salary, i got it every year, do I yearn much more, no, but better than those days is it a push for me to leave this 23 years aged office to be pulled to somewhere but not here is it for growth or is it for recognition i have seen many climbed back to where they left should i do the same and hold the shame the market out there have zillions of replacement, younger, better qualified and more energetic what could i give will this feeling stay or go ....or i am just growing..