Thursday, January 1, 2009

..where my confident came from..

..i was 7 (seven).the school bus forgot to pick me up from school that is about 15 km from home, Ayahanda (my father) decided to send me there even there is school that is nearer to the house but he sent me there because he wanted me to learn english, if possible master the english language.

..first time ..being alone with no one the school..I know..Pakcik has forgotten to pick me up..since he has done the same to some other children..and I have waited more than half and hour.. (pakcik did not do it in purpose, because in any other occasion he will be going to the same school to look for us even we are already in the school bus) but Pakcik is the most gentle person that any family will trust their kids with..

..i walk alone..feeling very scared unhappy..but i thought was still bright and clear.and I remembered ever nook and corner to reach home...I walked quite fast to make sure to reach home before dark..and every passers by that stared at me..i looked away..

..i saw a sikh man..(any guy with turban will make me very scared..there is a metos that this guy love to kidnap small girl..yes and I am very small that time)...I turned and crossed the road and walked very very fast...

..walking sometime jogging with the heavy determination was to reach home before 7.00 pm

..when I reached home..first thing that came out from worried mum was..where have you been..
..i told her the scared I horrifying to walk home alone..

suddenly my father blurted out these words that i have recycled more than hundred times to my kids.."I am confident in you, that you managed to use your knowledge to find your way home", your mum did not agree with me when I said, you will managed."

Oh my god...I am seven..he believed in me...

my mum makes hugh and cry over the matter on why my father did not budged to look for me..she is already in tears..and so scared that something awful has happened...

and yes..that words..kept rewinding in my brain everytime I am lost of words or confidence..

...I am having the confident with his words on believing in me..

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