Thursday, January 29, 2009

..when we do business..or giving services..

..i had made up my mind..i had terminated my streamyx services after 2 years..connecting to them ..what a pity..

...i cannot tolerate anymore with these hiccups everynight.. (i am doing epjj and connection to internet is urgent)..

..i cannot help it...i have enough patience..and today..i bought my maxis broadband even..
i hardly have enough cash to survive until end of this month..but I cant stand it any longer.. has been bad since a month ago..and every time I had to call the technician..and they had guided me by asking me some stupid questions..repeatedly every was the same irritably stupid questions.... plenty of it..try to call them..

..they love to assume you are dungu and that you do not understand what is connection all about or to even retry or to re shutdown..again or reconnected.... several times before calling them..

...i had it so much until one day..the technician that guided me had it off balanced..she had asked me to do something rather strange and then cannot guide me how to undone it..and she asked me to go to the computer technician...without a pity in her voice... it is scary when she said my computer is faulty..( do you know it is faulty since I had it ok 10 minutes ago with no crash whatsoever)..

..i do not need a computer technician but someone who can explain to me why is the ups and down of the connection..the answers is always assuming your machine is at fault or maybe your streamyx box..and never their line or connection.. streamyx box is phone line is healthy where I used the same line (using splitter) to complain.. and they had the cheek asking me how is your phone line..?

...and...tonite..i am using the 3.6 mbps maxis broadbad connection is connecting the most expensive silk that all your money can but..and .there interruption and no hiccups..nor death of the line..

..goodbye streamyx..and people..who is reading this blog..quit using is not stable ..the technician is less stable than the line itself..(but there is that I were guided intelligently)..forgot his name.. (and they are so brave selling the combo..condo whatsoever when they should be looking how to improve the connection thoroughly)..

...this maxis super hiccups since 9.00 pm ...till streaming connection is superbbly gorgeos... i had listened to Klassik FM..malar segar..with no breakdown..

the feeling is is merely RM138 --per month..for now..

...until then..

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