Saturday, January 3, 2009

..father (2) father with all due saying wants us to be educated..with not much guidance from him except ..repeatedly tormentting us with all of his nephews and nieces of my nephew managed to graduate from harvard..the other having a phd in dentistry..a headmistress..a lawyer..a doctor..

we are in our teens..but hardly achieved a good spm result..with my mum repeteadly humming the workforce word..someone in the house need to work..

..after my mum has heart to heart talk..

and that it..

..i worked and worked and get married..but the dreams to step in any university is still there..
then came the kids..then came the sickness (terrible mishaps in the family)..but the dream is still there..

and..after my youngest baby touched 9..I register online for epjj..and joined in the UNIVERISTY..yes..I am in my 3rd semester ...

I wish my mum is still alive to see what I am going through..and shared my happiness that what I dreamt has come true..(6 semester to go)..since I am in the journey..that is a big achievements..

maybe many of you will have dreams..but do not stop dreaming..and praying..god will show you the path..

Goodbye 2008..AND welcome 2009....dreams are built in you will be fruitful once you turn it into reality....

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