Tuesday, January 20, 2009

..What should I call her..

..she is my old friend..(sahabat lama)..we met in 1985..my first real job ...caused this firm cut my pay for epf..yes..i hate that.. she guided me..in and out until one day i helped her with the new computer..

..she is a chinese girl..2 years older than me..i was in teen those days...yes.. those days..

...today she called me for lunch..we did communicated here and there...once a year or maybe more but never than a dozen times..

..when i further my studies for my diploma..she joined me in the same college...

..when i got married..she showed up with a hugh present..

..when i gave birth..she was there too..

..when i went for excursion to lumut, kota bharu, johor bahru..she tagged along..

..we are not closed ...we understand each other..we do not have the eletrifying things that a best friend normally has..but we are communicating..

one thing that we are similiar of..is that..she has a sister..so do I, her sister got married earlier..so do I..her sister get a divorced..so did my sister..her sister is definitely prettier than her..so do I..her sister is our center topic..so do I..we love hate our sister..

and that was the common things that we normally talked or bad mouthed... anything to satisfy our day..we will laugh until both of our eyes watered..but..both of us love our sister like nobody business...(try to speak about our sister infront of us..you ask for it men)..you will be clambered with shooting torpedo..

yes today, we exchanged stories again..her sister is fighting with breast cancer...and my sister just had her third marriage last december...and both of us laughed like we are drunk...because we have not stop talking about our sister...our life must be soo boring...that was what caused the tear in our eyes...

she is jobless now, after two years working in Dubai as an administrator.."contract abis lah..I pun pekerja contract"....and again we laughed...

before we parted..I gave her a big huged..she claimed..hey..that was what I learned in Dubai and has been accustomed to it...we hugged again..

and ...what should i call her...?

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