Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweetheart (Continue)

She was transferred to the Paeds ward in the morning, she is better now, claimed the doctors, but I am not even leaving her even during prayer, I do my 5 times solah next to her, it was afternoon around 5.00, I am starting to do my Asar prayer, the evening solah, I saw one of her eyes started to blink profusely, saliva is sipping through her lips, then it became worst, half of her body started to shake, I called the nurses, they came, the gave her an injection, she is having fits, same like epilepsy, the fits did not stop, it continues, then they call the doctors, the doctors is trying very hard too, they started to poke her, with the needle trying to give her the injections to stop the fits, it did not work, i was screaming inside because there are pocking her one after another injections, it looks they have been pocking her around 20 times, she continue having her fits...and then...I hate this and still remember (they ask me to get out from her cubicle) after around half an hour, they did not managed to stop the fits, the doctor approach me and ask my permission to make a hole in her head to force the medicine to stop the fits. What can I do, but to agree.

They took her into the emergency room at the ward, and around 8.00 pm they came out and informed me two news..not great but better. They did not make a hole in her head, they managed to force the medicine in the vein or artery (not sure what) at her thigh. The medicine worked and the fits stops, but the other news is worst, she is tranferred back to ICU.

She stays there around a week or more, who is counting but there was not much hope, I will not get the same normal baby.

When she was transferred again to the paediatrics, i counted the injections scars, it is about 100 injections. Poor baby, luckily she has lost her consiousness and did not feel the pain.

She has turn to a baby, her feeding has gone to an infant intake. From 8 ounce back to 2 once, she is not crawling but lie on her back like a 2 day baby. The doctor tried to make me understand but I do not want to give up. "They claim she is turning to be a baby, maybe worst, she might lost her hearing, eyesight and worst of all she will be a "special baby".

After she was discharged from the hospital, we have a lot of followups.., scanning the brain again and again, hearing and eyesight problem.

She was 24 months and she is still crawling, I can see to that. She is slow, (very) but she is improving. Her food intake was still at baby intake.

Talking about speech, sorry, she did not say things that we will understand. Except for my mother, she understand plenty.

At last afer 26 months, she started to walk, one step at a time, and every time she will just fall flat on her face. Once when she was scanned, I was took into a consultation room, thinking that I had banged her head. I had to explained that she was attacked by meningitis and that explained all the water around her brain or skull, not sure what.

When she was 5, I sent her to preschool, explaining to the teacher of the class that she cannot speak that can be understand. I hope she will learn one of two words, but not much hope.

When she was 7, again I had to explained to the teacher of the class that not to leave any verbal message because she will not know what to say to me at home. There are few occasions that my husband send her to the school with no one around. The school closed that day.

But now, she is nine, she has been speaking fluently, she understand plenty, she is still learning to read, but she is very good in memorizing (I call it cheating because she always do that to escape my tutor on the reading or counting).

She had only one bad ear (not so good in hearing). She has been participating in games in school. This year she managed to pass 4 subjects. That is, a big achievements for me.

Every sentence she managed to read without memorising, is an achievements, every piece of drawing is an achievements, every message that was passed to me is an achievements, every fights she wins from her sister and brother is an achievement.

Most of my neighbor loves her for her innocent smile and greeting. She is no special kids. She is my sweetheart.

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