Friday, December 5, 2008


when you are married you should not think as one but a set..

in any decision you are making, you should consult..and do not tell (what I mean is you should consult your better half by discussing your decision and forbid yourself as if you are telling your decision) that is called compromising

as a wife and a woman in this new era. especially here in the metropolitan, kuala tend to forget that you are not suppose to make decision by yourself that affect the family..

maybe you are a CEO or managing director or a manager or as mere as a are not any of that in the house that you shared with your family..

you are humble mother, a loving wife, an advisor but not a decision maker...unless you are assure to make a decision...

decision on preparation of a dishes need to be weigh properly..what the family wants and not wat you want..and you have to make sure..your husband favourite is the rule of the thumb of the planned dishes that you are going to put on the table..(yechhh) yes, but making your husband happy and respecting his needs are what a happy family is (yes another yechhh). and you, sacrificies need to be done...plenty...a make sure the house run smoothly...(we did sacrificies and we do not even bother to count them) long the house is quite ...peaceful and harmony...that what is should be...

oh Seri stop tochering yourself with this advice... inner heart..i am telling love yourself is to respect others on their perspective..

yeah..and i am grabbing my favourite food at the mall later.. and that what we call..compromising..

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