Thursday, December 4, 2008

sometime suddenly i have these feelings...lonely..i wish i will be somewhere else..i wish i have the chance to leave malaysia and work somewhere else on this earth..but in the sametime to scared to even to leave Kuala Lumpur (my vicinity since more than 40 years ago)

listening to friends that had the chances studying, working, holidaying in those countries..more or less left some paw print in my lonely heart.

sometimes i wonder..a person like me...blessed with a very understanding husband (in his way)..children..and still one parent..

own house..own car..and a job ...

maybe i miss adventure like others had it...but i would trade my experience with anyone else..

it is just these stupid hormon impersonating me again..

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Pok Deng said...

I was always had a dream to work at a big time company in Dubai so that I could collect all those salaries into a big time harta before going back to malaysia and due to these overpowering harta on my back I could tick my finger sampai sepuluh orang anak dara cumil datang sedia menjadi isteri. I will choose 'Salmah' for real. Hehe.