Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have a daughter of 17 years old (going to be next year...). She is going to sit for her SPM an exam is too important to life especially the next step that all citizen in Malaysia need to do. After two incidents of my other two kids (Aida and Asyraff), she is shouldering a big task for me. She is the only kid that I can forsee that will thrive in the academic that is suppose to be better. Maybe the best from the rest.

To all mothers especially (all daughters of theirs will be the beauty of the time) she is in the most beautiful era now, young and curvacios. I only wish she realised that, how I have high hopes on her. To me, let me withheld this hope to myself. It is not fair if she should be responsible of my challenges.

For all that I know, she is a good girl, obedient, truthful and sincere. At this current time, that's all I am asking.

I know, most mother will be very anxious in what is the next step they will be taking. I am not going to be weary, but will guide her, in any advice she wish to discuss.

I have been discussing about sex before marriage (right to holding hand is no no to me). Having boyfriends is no no but until futher discussed.

Coloring hair is a no no but she has done that twice, after her father heart to heart talk, now she understands the reason, not to hold her interest but religion forbids it.

But she understands that the most important things are not to lie to me her mother ever or forever or do not cross her mind or ever enter her mind...

She understands that I can tolerates a lot of wrong doings but not - lying. Period.

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