Monday, September 29, 2008

Yassin and Tahlil

My younger sister from a different mother (yes bapak kawin dua maa) is inviting my family to buka puasa at her house and then she said she wanted to have bacaan yassin and do tahlil for all the dead of our family including her mom, mine and her husband side.

It was 6.00pm , when my closest friend and neighbor ask my permission to lend her my youngest daughter, 1st thing that crossed my mind is, no way man, we are going to have family gathering, but seeing her swollen face after a hard crying and the reason why that i do not know off, i changed my mine immediately, not to go against my husband wishes, i ask my husband permission too, it looks both of us do not have the heart to disappoint her... my daughter has been invited on so many occasion with other family too...

We reached her house that is about 6 km from my house on time, the dawn azan has started but to wait for my weak father to climb out the car and ushered him we took another five minutes.

All my siblings are there, wow, it has been so longed that 6 of us are together. My eldest sister shed a tear saying mom will love this and keep whispering to my ear..did you see mom, yes oh yes i do see her my my a lot of things that remind me of her..

I placed father in the guest room, let him lie down so we can proceed the berbuka puasa, solat maghrib, light food again, and yassin and tahlil...his gastric attack..I do not have the heart to ask him to keep fasting..

The prayer of maghrib managed to flow smoothly. That evening, there was no sarcastic remarks pass to one another, except some 1st class stupid questions that was thrown to me. Being sporting I answers with humor but keep away my sarcastic answer ..I am known..and labelled the most famous sister who do not answer without getting back at somesone.

My husband was proud that I have changed for now. he he..

It was a special moment because 6 of us and our family except Aida...managed to be together after how long that I could not remember.

Chow for now..

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