Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raya 1 shawal

woke up at 6.00 am..the feeling is different...there are still aplenty of things to do..but first..the prayer..and oh yes ..and the special bath to celebrate the 1st shawal...ayang, pretending to sleep..but when he knows that I am going to sit on top of him..he quickly give a playful smack at my hip..aha..he is awake.. bang...tolong mama..keja banyak tu...anak anak kasi gerak..suruh mandi sunat aidil fitri...." a mother if we do not remind them..either they forgot or purposely do not want to remember..aaah children..i was one...before..

in my last sujud..i pray to all...the past families especially my mum to be well taken care off up friends that were once were very closed to me....sickness.accidents..only god knows ...every human will have one or two of their beloved being taken heart yearned but you accepted the fact..

then...busy preparing the breakfast so they can have a bite before going for the aidil fitri prayer..ayang...give a bath to grandpapa..aida..chirpy as usual..asking why are they not fasting anymore..why today are the celebration why we only fast 30 days..why we must have the special bath..why..all the whys...driving me half there..but reminded myself..this current whys will stop soon since she is already nine..I must enjoy all the questions while I can..examples are two other kids hardly speak..nor ask..they are more content with chatting..smsing and television..

I wore the new jubah present from ayang..but changed my mine since it is too long..I have not done any alteration to the jubah..last minute shopping..but wore it for a while to make sure that ayang knew I love his present...(older it is the more sensitive they are)..

Since Aida must not go, Ecah need to sacrifice to take care of her and granpapa...I had never expected this...we miss the prayer..when we reached the sg serai was the last rukuk..and I were very very dissapointed ...but stayed for the Khutbah..

Grandpapa@Atuk has taken breakfast..thanks to Ecah..we all line up infront of him and ask for forgiveness..when it is my turn..he was in tears..I knew..every helpless person will feel the same..grateful..thankful to anyone who still can share the unlimited unconditional love..
how many houses he has been hoping until he do not want to move anymore when he stayed with me when my other siblings persuade to take him in..he will always says..visiting yes..overnight is tiring..but my children are blessed to have someone to be there all the time..

My younger sister and my younger brother came to see father, that is the catch if you have the elder house will be visited..than you can torcher them nicely..(ha ha ha)..sorry..carried away..

I visited a few houses too and headed home since I felt too tired. I took a nap but was awaken with the high pitch of Aida shouting.."mama mama, kawan baby datang"....and it went on until 7.00 pm...

It was a tiring and fruitful day...

8.30 pm..Mama mama..jum kita gi kedai ABC...(Aida favourite mamak shop near Balakong)...
no way..malam ni mama nak study...he he he..(so I posted this)..

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