Saturday, October 4, 2008


it has been long since i have taken any annual leave to be with my family, my ayang and the kids has been so used not to have me around the house all the time.

as usual they do not bother much when i am infront of my laptop. i am not sure there are trying to be nice or i have been ignored.

who is complaining now, except my ayang who will be taking a nap near me but the rest is not lingering around me at all. i have been dumped.

even Aida the youngest keep disappering with my sister and yesterday she stayed overnight. it is not fair to them that i am going to sit for my final exam this semester soon enough.

this year is the most boring Hari Raya so proclaimed my eldest daughter, she missed Alor Star, she missed the yearly barbacue with her aunties and uncles and nephews.

today she so bored that she help me cooking...hmm, to kill time I guess or to bury the sorrow with food , poor girl, since all of her friends are still somewhere but far from home.

my nieces and nephews and my two other sisters (different mother) came to visit at the same time, hardly there are space to sit. in total there are 5 families x 5 = 25 people (10 adults and fifteen kids), my father was overwhelmed with the crowd. he loves to be centre of the attention.

this morning he was blabbering about liverpool, where once he was there for two years around 1953, ah yes, anuar zain is visiting liverpool hari raya documentary, he still missed london, yorkshire, liverpool and all the memories lingers here and there, deep in my heart, how I wish to be there too.

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