Thursday, October 2, 2008


2nd day of Shawal.. in KL..15 hours staying at visitor 9.00pm before my kids go crazy of boredom we take them out for dinner..they have enough rendang and kuah kacang..they need to breath..

not many malays at ABC..and the service is super slow..patience..tolerating kids are doing ward rounds..let them be..and they came running to the table..once they saw the food is coming to the table..

within 5 minutes.."can I have second ma" way..who on earth will be willing to wait for another 30 minutes of roti canai telur..not me..

are you still hungry..can you eat cereal at home please..mama will kill one or two mamaks if they make me wait another 30 nodded his head..he knew..waiting is not my bread and butter and to see his mother making a too much to stomach..

and that it for today..boring...