Saturday, September 27, 2008


why do i have this feeling slowly creeping into my skin...not wanting to see people..i am suppose to be very excited when there is the occassion of masak dodol with the 5 siblings (so called) we are 5 neighbors that had became family...

i cant face them with this sour look..i cannot hide my emptiness infront of them..i am the comedian who will always crack a joke and it always been me that they are fond of since the only working woman aka wife in the group...that barely can spend any time with them..

i need to pour all the sourness here before stepping out from this house with a pot of met them in a while..

may god fill me with happiness before i step into their me from all the questions later from them..i really cant take that from any of them..i might burst into tears..

chow for now...28th Ramadhan night..

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