Monday, September 22, 2008



-The goals of the communication process are to inform, persuade, motivate or achieve mutual understanding

-5 possible objectives for a communicator:

1)Message exposure
-PR provides materials in the mass media & disseminate other messages through control media
-Intended audiences are exposed to the message in various forms

2)Accurate dissemination of the message

3) Acceptance of the message
-The audience not only retains the message but accepts it as valid

4) Attitude change
-The audience not only believes the message but makes a verbal or mental commitment to
change behavior as a result of the message

5) Change in overt behavior
-Audience actually change their current behavior or purchase the product & use it


Effective use of Language
-Words are the most common symbols

-The degree to which 2 people understand each other is heavily dependent on their common knowledge of word symbols

-Effectiveness of communication depends on factors (education, social class, cultural background)
-Communication must be clear & simple

Writing for clarity
-The key is to produce messages that match, in content & structure & the characteristics of the audience

-To apply readability & comprehension formulas to materials before they are produced & disseminated

Audience understanding & comprehension can be increased through:

1)Use symbols, acronyms & slogans
Symbols- should be unique, memorable, widely recognized & appropriate
Acronym- a word formed from the initial letters of other words

2) Avoid jargon
-Jargon interferes the message & impedes the receiver’s ability to understand it
-Info must be written in simple terms
-Failure to understand the sudience means a failure in comm.

3)Avoid euphemisms
-An offensive word or phrase that is direct & less distasteful than the one that represents reality

4) Avoid discriminatory language
-PR should eliminate undesirable gender, racial & ethnic connotations

Tactics to communicate
-Employees (e.g. newsletters, magazines, bulletin boards, intranets, e- mail etc.)

-News Media (e.g. news releases, media kits, media advisories, public service announcements, interviews etc.)

-Investors (e.g. newsletters & magazines, letters, annual reports, web sites etc.)

-Customers (e.g. special events, e- mail etc.)

(to be continue on EVALUATION on the next post)