Monday, February 23, 2009

Subliminal Perception and Persuasion

Subliminal Perception and Persuasion

a. Subliminal Perception
-perceiving sensory stimulation that is below absolute threshold.

b. Subliminal persuasion.
-sending persuasive message below the recipient’s level of awareness.

these interest me deeply, the explanations that given by our lecturer were an eye opener, i had lived more than 4 decades without having second thoughts on this matter becaused previously it did not matters

he showed us some slides on the subliminal perceptions and persuasiosn and that were really an eye opener..

there will be no more hard metal music from my son room nor my youngest daughter can watch television without supervision or reading my magazines with my permission

it were so abvious that advertisements and musics are the main problem to our youths personality.. behaviour

i hope i am not to late with my own teenagers growing up with so much subliminal practices around us..

some of you might be wondering what am i trying to say here, subliminal perception and persuasion is a method done by the cults or whoever irresponsible by influencing you beyond your awareness...i hope that explain all..

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