Monday, February 9, 2009

Who to be blamed?

I am stubborn. No, not I.

Friends, close ones and families had been trying to make me realize by forcing me to accept that I am not easy to be friend with. I am not a shrew but plain informative friend. Anytime we talked the serenade cool background changed to a fiery debate.

Debate was not, trying to explain to them, it is exchanging words. You are forcing us with your views, they claimed. Then they also should stand on their views with more facts.

Was it my mistakes when I have many answers? We can always add more information, and elaborate, claimed me.

They should also accepted and realized and understood that I have many views with many answers and many perspectives ,colourful that is. The problem is, they do not want to prolong the debate when their answer are not factual enough to throw it back to me.

Am I to be blamed when they have not done the reading, watching, observing, listening and thinking?

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