Monday, February 9, 2009

...celebration... many years ago i had no memories of celebrating any birthdays with my is my daughter birthday...and to make sure the tradition stays..i am not to start any this year..well getting her a gift is different..

..she was very happy to see a beautiful wrapped box on her bed yesterday ...and the gift ...she tried her best to smile back ...

..and I left the room..

..this morning..she woke up ealier than usual.. hugged and a pecked on the cheek..and thanked me..

..and off she went with her groups of friends..(two of them are my nieces)..

I am not the type that nagged, give advices or shower her with gift..she understood..and she always asked me..did I hurt you in any way ...and I looked..

...and I said.."I had forgiven you before you make the if I die anytime and we are not able to ask for forgiveness from each other..please remember you had never hurt me....and I always love you.."

that day, i will be able to say it to her ...maybe on her 21st birthday..

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