Sunday, June 14, 2009


it has been 2 nights and father has been away with my youngest brother, my eldest sister stopped by at our house this afternoon to collect some of father stuff, "he has asked about his socks" he had complained that the socks that brother provided was filled with ants claimed my sister.

i could picture him lying down on the bed looking very fragile but passing plentyful of hurtful words to us , his children.

it was at 3.00 pm that time.

i was planning to eat out with my family but suddenly my husband rushed into our room asking me to speak while handing his handphone (as usual I do not switch on my handphone if i am in the house).

it was my sister again, please come and fetch father, father is asking about you, i know my house is small and messy but it seems the best place for him... i had promised that we are not going away for long but i guessed he was scared that we forgot to picked him up since it has happened before...

he has been throwing tantrums since the first day we left him at our brother's house. ...

i know my husband need some rest from the long journey..we reached KL this morning, to clean the house, washed the clothes, cooking etc etc..i need a breather..

my husband look at me, let's go, he is no longer giving them face..he is being very difficult again..

my husband cleaned him up and tugged him to sleep...he looks so sound...i put on the socks and covered him with the thick blanket.

yes..i know he felt so safe in my house...the only child that he has not shown his tantrum..his dark side...not sure why but..i guessed because being stubborn and never showing my feelings ever in the house..nobody knows how far i can get cold hearted...

i am numb at the moment since 5 of my siblings does not favour my father to be in their house vice versa...

..the thin line that is crossing my path is getting thinner...and I do not know for how long it can last...and the best part is i am not worried about my better half.

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