Thursday, June 18, 2009

her first heartbroken

well..what do you think a mother should tell her daughter..

my mere advise..time will heal and you need to trust me

"you felt betrayed, manipulated, trust has been broken"...plenty in the list..

well you now know ...and millions more are so have a mother to discus and console you..

i can give you plenty of advise but you need to snap out of the bluess..

and again

and again

she approached me..

"you will feel tired, lonely and sleepy"...

give yourself a full three days...go brood and blame yourself..and curse and draw pictures and throw your father sharpest dart..

or maybe we can hang his photo and throw darts at least she start smiling..

and she clinged to me like tomorrow will never come... daughter first heartbroken and i am proud that i am there...


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