Friday, June 26, 2009


can someone so jovial like me can be so depressed ? yes I can, can someone like me who has not failed in giving advices during most stressful situations to friends in need can be so lonely and felt out love ? yes I can, we are only humans, we have a vault in our heart where at times, felt out of love, felt nobody cares, we have so many visits with this feelings during our monthly period...

yes that is why we are so special, our hormoned play us out, we need to tell ourself during this attack to keep reminding ourself on how hormoned has outsmart our strong mind our beautiful sensitive side and turned it to a most depressed woman on earth.

no friends can change our mood or no lover can put a smile back to our face...well friends if choose to flow with your hormoned..go ahead, but not me..

i am sharing, when this mood swings attacked me, i will be chanting "Laaillahaillah" or the famous 3T - Tahmid Tasmid and Takbir, Subhanallah Walhadulillah WalaiLLah Haillallah Wallahu Akbar...until the peace started to seep into your skin and stop at your calming heart.

Trust works everytime..

another tips..

start to love someone who really cares..
start giving ...smiles...
start sharing...ideas
start moving..
get up and do something..the longer you stay at your will be more comfortable at your depressed zone..

do something to deserve to be better feeling...

you are who you choose to to feel how to act and react...

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