Sunday, November 9, 2008

Summary of Second Semester

It started with a warm feelings when my results was quite good, higher than cgpa of 3.6 , makes me floating in the sky and yes, it is for a while.

the first seminar , we met our 4 new lecturer, Puan Rozana Abdullah, we started with the technological error, the air conditioned does not work, the projector was slowing down us.

heat and me..will introduce migrain, and yes..migrain took a place the whole day that day.

She was pretty, that it..migrain..will not let you think neither brain absorbing..and the pain yes..the pain of my half painful brain and the nerves is pulling eyes into the is painful..

then, Puan Shahnil Asmaar Said, another pretty lady...I want to vomit ...and cut my head into few pieces...

thank god...we are given 1 hour lunch friends and I went to the nearest place to eat..i took 4 panadols..normally it does not work..

the pain is lesser but not gone..our third lecturer is Dr Rahmat Ghazali, he wears a t shirt..(tshirt - he looks small)..but when he started talking..i had the impression, i will have problem with this lecturer..(you got to be there than you will know what i meant).

and our last lecturer is Uztaz Yadman Sarwan, he is a jolly good fellow, he makes me loves his subject the first day of seminar.

(there goes our first seminar)..

....and the months goes by...

the first seminar we are given a few project to be handed in at our last seminar that will be on 19th october..

second seminar - went welll...i managed to submit all of the assignments and on top of that..i had added another paper - Graphics and Layout - under Encik Jamaluddin..not only that we are introduced to another software Indesign CS3 ...what on earth..but immediately i fall in love with this software soon enough.

third seminar is in the month of ramadhan...this is where the problems must be me and not the holy month...i was rather tired the whole month..i did not managed to complete most of the assignments...lack of reading and lack of concentration...

fourth seminar..asking for extension on all papers...on top of that...i did not pay my streamyx bill..and it get cut off..imagine..with plenty of work and no is putting salt at the wound..

dates of exams has came out...plenty of assignments not complete...friends are dropping the semester and papers..wall is crumbling down...

i had to go on...i started to push myself in the very limited time...GOD knows how hard i pushed myself...

this is the lesson that i will not forget ever..

but i came with some simple future reference -

- do not depend on your friends will die

- do not will die harder and painful

- do not eat too much..not good for your study (you tend to fall asleep sooner)

- do not let emotions takes place during exam (you will regret again)

but do

- do pray

- do zekry

- do memorize

- do your notes..

- do not come near cheaters.

that is for today...

i will put up all of the photos of my lecturers soon...

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