Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reading No. 2

Masalah Kesihatan & Rawatan - Amina Hj Noor..

first page, ok..second page..hmm....third page..i put it down and switched on this pc..and logged in to Seri Serodja..

tonite there is not much to share...days goes very well..except when I went home..caught in the rain...got soaked from the head to toe.. when we reached home...it was heavy..but it is normal to get wet..we are the few ones who will drove through the thicked rain.for us..stopping is wasting time.. time is precious for both of us.. since we will go home and take a bath anyway..so we are okay to get soaked wet every time..it rained...we never think to get a shelter...but if cant see the road..we with heavy hearts will take shelter with the others under the flyover..

there is no excitement but being closed to the family...my heart is content.

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