Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have been dreaming, day after day, to write. Since I was a child, I dreamt that one day, I can be a writer. A person who can write a novel, a poems, a commentary, a column. Yes, a columnist, I especially like the idea to be a columnist. I have been reading actively on most of the columnist writing. What I can see, there have a wide range of idea, attractive and eye catching. Once you read their column, they hook you forever.

The vocabulary that they are using are superbly marvellous. You will wish at least 10 percent of what they are having. You are very well aware that only by reading you will get the opportunity to be one, like them.

This semester, I am introduced to learn how to write. It was like a dream that come true. The problem is, the lecturer is the Most The Stern lecturer that I have come accross. I know my dream is not like a bed of flowers, it more like a bed of thorns.

How I wish that by learning to write properly I could embark the journey of writing soon. The soon has turned into later.

Again, I have been discourage.


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