Friday, August 15, 2008



I heard two deaths this morning, one of them is my brother mother in law and the other one is my dear friend’s grandfather. They all at their late 70’s.

May Allah bless their souls.

Every death that occurs, it will always bring back that beautiful memory to me. Death is not something new to me, the first time I did encounter is the death of my beloved mum in 2001.

She is my best friend and respected mother. I had come across a lot of elderly woman, of course every good daughter will say the same that their mother is the best. My mom, nobody can compare her patience. She has been very godly patience towards me.

There are occasions that only wise mum will do, once I was caught with a boy by the local area patrol group (RELA) sitting very close to each other in seclusion area with little light, where the next days news was I was caught having sex with him. My mum, not only she was quite and calm, she said, she never believes on the gossips that my society was bringing, especially trying to demoralized my family. I am very proud with my mother who is illiterate but very wise in mind.

On other occasions, I was accused taking drugs, but the actual fact was, I was only trying to smoke a cigarettes with my girlfriend and my father is the one who supplied us with the cigarettes, we want to try to taste the cigarettes and why all the crazes all about. My mother was solemn, but told us, no cigarettes business with our pocket money, without her knowing, I hate cigarets by the way and it tasted bad.

All the above occasions that hampered our family by the barbaric mouth, she has never make enemies with anyone especially to all of the unfit bliterring barbaric neighbors. She is still nice and smiling when she came across with them. I have one favorite enemies that I wish that I could skin her alive, because of the gossips she threw all around just to make sure she looks good. My nicest mum was no exception to her too.

There are more thrilling occasions that had happened to me and without fail, my mum has never lost her head with the gossip and the rumors that is happening around her.

Compared to our recent lifestyle, we even beat our teacher, scolded the bus driver and make enemies with our neighbor that who is sharing information to us on our kid’s behavior.

Those were the days.

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