Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka ...52 years today

I do not remember much what normally my family does..18 years ago..there are few occasions that I recalled we went to dataran merdeka..

there was one eldest daughter was 3..I remember my husband carried her on his shoulder..

the ballons that we bought for her..the happines on my daughter face and the awesome looks that she potrayed when the plane passed over our heads..

and that was 14 years ago..

she is 17 today and she could not care less on what is the signficance of today..

and i know she pictures of many teenagers today..

and how can we instill in them the worth of independence and moreover how should keep them forever..

and how can I pass them the feeling of what I felt when my late father shared the story of the Japanese occupation..the Komunis day and the 13th May incidence...

...and I am scared for all of them..

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