Thursday, October 8, 2009

and the end is coming near

one paper that i sat for final last sunday was the worst paper that i have sat in all examination...

and the thought was wrong again

and i managed...

the thought was so scarry and i have been in so many shoes but this the scariest

now I know what is the feeling when you do not know what you are expecting in an exam or you dont even know to read the question be it to answer and write in that language

you should know what by now...

Arab language..

my friend who has learnt arabic language since she is 6 years laughed at my face..and you expect to score within 3 months..she rolled and chuckled on the couch

trying to fly to the moon have more logic than my expection to score..she lulled again..that was sick..scarring your friend like that..and I said to her..that will be a day you need to congratulate me..

and it is true enough..the interest grew

now I am more interested in getting the primary school and secondary books now..
it provoke my interest to the a should start from the very bottom

let wait Syarifah Nur..

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